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For millions of years, over 90% of all terrestrial plants have evolved depending on mycorrhizal fungi for survival and optimum growth but excessive usage of chemical fertilizers and other agricultural practices have forced these naturally occurring fungi to deplete from soil.

Symyco Inc constant effort and virtue has been to bring back these beneficial fungi back to nature through research technology.

We have developed SyMyco which is family of products providing viable, healthy, genetically pure, high quality fungal Mycorrhiza in various formulations.

We optimize the benefits of using Mycorrhizae by working with the specific needs and conditions of our customers.

Success Stories
  • Baby Corn Trial By Symyco Inc

    Location: Ladhowal, Ludhiana, Punjab.

    Trial Size: Nearly 1.5 hectare.

  • Basmati Rice Trial by Symyco Inc

    Location: Chack Jhandu, District Jalandhar, Punjab.

    Trial Size: Nearly 4.5 hectare.

  • Potato Trials By
    Symyco Inc

    Location: Haryana

    Trial Size: Nearly 3 acre.